As content creators, we sometimes get to the stage where we are out of ideas or unsure of what we should post on Instagram. “Creators block” is normal, especially if you’re trying to show up on the gram consistently.

I’ve put together a few tips on what to post on Instagram when you’re feeling stuck. 

Share Quotes

Quotes are good filler content. However, be aware of just posting quotes for the sake of posting. The quote should appeal to your audience and hopefully start a conversation. I should also highlight that your quote needs to be on-brand in terms of the look and feel. You can use design apps, such as CANVA to create visually pleasing quotes.

Reintroduce yourself

Reintroduce yourself now and again. Yes, most of your followers know who you are, but this is mainly for your new followers. Let them know who you are, why you started your business or brand, and what to expect from your page. Don’t forget to include some fun facts. Take things a step further by asking your audience to tell you something about themselves. 

Shout outs

The next time you are feeling stuck, consider spotlighting another creative or business. You can share success stories or accounts that inspire you. There’s honestly no right or wrong way of doing this, but whatever you choose to do, make sure that it’s authentic.

Social media holiday

There are thousands of social media holidays that you can use to fill up your content calendar. Whether it’s “InternationalSiblingsDay” or  “InternationalCoffeeDay,” you must choose a holiday that is aligned to the nature of your content.

Behind the scenes

Not only is posting the behind the scenes of your life or business an excellent content filler, but it’s also an excellent way to build trust and a deeper connection with your audience — it’s another way to bring in a human element to your brand.

Use stock Images/video

Now there are plenty of free stock photo apps and websites in the market that have high res and copyright-free content. While using stock photography may have been frowned upon in the past, more and more people are starting to use them again. However, you must find a good balance between your own images and stock content. If you use too many stock images, you risk losing that human element in your brand.

Those are some of the strategies you can use the next time you’re feeling stuck or unsure about what to post. Remember to always share content that is aligned with your brand and will resonate with your audience.  



Photography by Unsplash