We’ve all had those pivotal moments when we’ve walked out of the house knowing that we’re not looking our best. We are moms, and we’re raising families and building careers. Our priorities have changed remarkably and sometimes our physical appearance naturally assumes the back seat.

For me style is personal, I see it as another creative way to express myself without uttering a word. As a mom, I am now more comfortable in my skin than ever before. I don’t follow trends, and my culture hasn’t had a direct influence on my personal style. I typically choose to wear whatever makes me feel good. The secret to navigating motherhood in style is self-confidence, that is undoubtedly the ultimate foundation for success in all aspects of life. Although there are many, today I would like to share some styling tips that have helped me to navigate motherhood in style.

Declutter Your Wardrobe

First things first, you need to get rid of those petite skinny jeans that you can no longer squeeze into anymore. Or that old stained varsity T-shirt that you bought over 20 years ago. The logic here is that if it’s not in your wardrobe, then you won’t be tempted to wear it. As Marie Kondo would say if it doesn’t bring you joy then get rid of it. I declutter at least twice a year, I get rid of anything that I haven’t worn in 6 months. That way I enjoy a vivid picture of the garments that I have in my closet which makes my life easier when I get dressed in the morning.

Know what style suits your body type

We’ve all tried on an elegant outfit that we saw on a mannequin only to find that it looks dreadful on our bodies. It’s meaningful to appreciate the specific kind of style that uniquely suits your body type. I’m petite, so I naturally prefer wearing body-hugging outfits otherwise I’ll look even more petite. If I wear a loose fitting dress, for example, I would rather wear it with a belt to shape my tiny frame.

Comfortable doesn’t have to be boring

Since becoming a mom, I’ve developed unconditional love for all types of sneakers. I wear them with dresses, leggings, and jeans. I work from home which means I don’t own work wear so you’ll find me in sneakers on most days. I have quite a few pairs because they look good with anything. That is how I achieve a comfortable chic look. Perfect look for running errands and supervising playdates.

Invest in key pieces

I possess a few basic pieces that I cannot do without and I’ve recently made a few new additions to my basics collection. I’m in love with this denim maxi dress from Foschini. It exudes elegance and sophistication. I could either pair it with heels or flats and it would be equally stylish. A pleated skirt is a must in any lady’s wardrobe. Pair it with a long sleeved knit on chilly Autumn day or a basic T when the glorious sun is out.

Keep it simple

The key here is to look effortlessly stylish. There’s no need to look overdone, unless you’re going out for a special occasion. Accessories remain a great way to add that final touch to any look. I sincerely love this neck scarf from Foschini, it took my look from great to super stylish in an instant.

There are undoubtedly many styling habits that you could adopt to carefully help you navigate motherhood in style. But it ultimately boils down to being comfortable in your own skin and genuinely embracing your body. Self-confidence is the best accessory you’ll ever wear. Comment below by letting me know your styling secrets.

Love B






RED T: Foschini

NECK SCARF: Foschini

PHOTOGRAPHER: Elsie B Photography