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Digital Girl CEO

30 Instagram Story ideas

One of the best ways to connect with your audience is by creating Instagram stories. Instagram users watch more than 250 million stories a day. In fact, the average Instagram user would rather watch stories than scroll through the grid. Now that I’ve got your...


How to set boundaries for yourself

Boundaries are essential for healthy relationships and a happy life. Setting boundaries and preserving boundaries is a skill that most of us, unfortunately, learn later in life or don’t learn at all. Having boundaries is all about knowing your limits and sticking...

Digital Girl CEO

How to write a killer Instagram caption

When I first started writing Instagram captions, I would write whatever came to mind. As I began to grow my brand, and be more intentional with my content, it became essential for me to be more strategic when writing my captions. You may post beautiful videos and...


How I practice slow living

We live in a society that worships and rewards busyness. Busyness is somehow associated with success. However, everybody's definition of success is different. Well, at least it should be. For me, slow living is an integral part of my version of success. Slow living...


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