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Basic tools and equipment for influencers

It's essential to treat your influence like a business. And just like any other business, you need to invest in the company if you want it to grow. In this post, I share a few basic tools and equipment for influencers. Smart Phone I'm an advocate for starting small...

5 Ways to make your content easier to read
Mom Life

7 Reasons Not to Spank Your Kids

Okay, I am aware that there is a great divide among our society on whether parents should or should not spank their kids. I grew up in a home where spanking was a popular form of discipline. Not only in my household but most of my peers got spanked by their...

How to be a present parent
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7 Things brands look for in influencers

Have you ever wondered what brands look for in influencers? As an influencer, it's essential to know what brands look for on your Instagram feed before collaborating with you. If you are an influencer looking to partner with brands, then this blog post is for you....

7 Instagram influencers you should be following
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How to practice conscious parenting

Conscious parenting is about improving yourself for the benefit of your children. According to psychologist and author Dr.  Shefali, to be a better parent, you need to go on a journey of self-discovery and self-development.  Conscious parenting is not about being a...

Digital Girl CEO

5 Tips to never run out of content

We’ve all been there—you sit down to create and content and CRICKETS! Nothing comes to you!  If you’re building your brand on social media, content creation is probably the backbone of your growth. However, coming up with compelling content can be challenging....




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