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Mom Life

Disciplining without crushing self-esteem

There’s no doubt that discipline and parenting go hand in hand. It’s our role to teach our children the difference between right and wrong, and that sometimes requires some form of discipline. However, as parents, we sometimes discipline our kids in a way that has...

Digital Girl CEO

5 Tips to optimise your Instagram account

Influencers continuously complain about brands not approaching them for collaborations or campaigns. I believe in focusing on things that we can control, such as making sure that your Instagram account is optimised to attract brands. So how do you ensure that...

Mom Life

5 Principles of positive parenting

I remember buying stacks of parenting books when I was pregnant with my eldest, only to find that nothing can prepare you for parenting. Yes, staying informed will help, but every parent and child is unique. There are many definitions of positive parenting. My take...

Mom Life

5 habits of a calm mom

Motherhood is stressful, and sometimes it’s easy to give in to the stress. We all have the desire to create a peaceful home, but at times, it seems like a distant dream.  The responsibility of peace in our homes is dependent on us because we set the tone in...


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