As I write this blog post, we’re officially in week five of the lockdown. I’ve been so incredibly blown away by how all of you are handling these difficult times. You’re in your kitchens cooking up a storm, staying active, being productive and fully immersing yourselves in your new “teacher roles”. I see you, mama, you’re thriving!

However, in this blog post, I want to share what I’ve been getting up to when I’m not busy being supermom. Because let’s be real, I have good days, bad days and sometimes terrible days and that’s okay! We are in the middle of a crisis, after all. Here are some of my quarantine confessions.

Screen time 

I’ve written about how I reduced my 5-year old’s screen time, well let’s just say I’ve had to loosen the reins during the lockdown. Amid the stresses of quarantine, I have found it expedient to let my kids spend more time in front of the screen. Sometimes that’s the only way I can get any work done. 


I’m a stickler for routine. I believe that routines give children a sense of security and stability. I initially had this grand plan about how we were going to stick to a set schedule, and I quickly realised that I was too ambitious. At the moment, we’re just going with the flow in our household. The kids go to bed way past their bedtime, and I let them sleep in more than usual. As much as we’re breaking the rules, we try to maintain a little normalcy with our days. For example, we still eat dinner together at the same time every day. 

Late night snacking

I started working with a personal trainer late last year, and since then, she’s put me on a strict diet. Well, let’s just say late-night snacking and indulging in home-baked goods is my new normal. What is it about food that makes it so comforting? I still workout three times a week, which has helped me to deal with the guilt. The logic — I workout so I  can honour my demanding cravings. Seems like a fair deal right?

Reality shows

Besides the occasional Netflix bingeing sessions, I’ve really been enjoying my reality shows. But get this, for some reason, I have to watch reality TV while I’m ironing. Let me give you some background — to say I don’t like ironing would be a gross understatement — I despise it! I can think of so many other things I would rather do than stand in front of an ironing board, gliding an iron back and forth. But for some reason, watching a reality show makes the task that much more bearable. I now secretly look forward to my ironing sessions so I can catch up with my favourite reality stars.

Those are some of my quarantine confessions. We’re going with the flow and doing whatever works for us. Remember, this is not the time to seek perfection — your mental wellness and physical health should be your top priority. What are some of your quarantine confessions? Please share in the comments below.

Love B