Getting dinner on the table night after night is no easy task, so once in a while mom deserves a night off with the kids. Spur is a win win solution for all, the entire family gets to enjoy delicious meals and mom gets to sip on a glass of wine while the kids play.

Yesterday, I hung up my apron and opted to take the kids out to Spur for dinner. Now there’s so many things that I love about Spur but the one thing that stands out the most for me is how well they cater for kids.

Having a family-friendly ambiance is vital for a good family restaurant. It should have a mood that’s inviting for families, especially for the children. Friendly and helpful staff, long tables, kid’s menus are some of the qualities that I look out for in a good family friendly restaurant. Having an activity for children to do is also a plus, kids enjoy doing activities that will keep them preoccupied while waiting for the food to be served.

Our meals were absolutely delicious, I ordered the cheesy garlic prawn starter and a cheesy garlic prawn hake as my main. Owami had a rib burger and a crazy shake and Asantè had a children’s burger and waffles. We had an absolutely amazing night out, the kids spent most of their time at the kids play area once they had finished their meals.

The perfect of escape for mommy on a Saturday night. Happy mom, Happy family.

Love B