This past weekend was probably one the most incredible weekends I’ve had in a long time. I spent time with my sisters, who also happen to be moms. We enjoyed all the luxuries that moms dream of;  sleeping in, late nights, un interrupted sleep, kid free road trips……..absolute bliss.

While most moms would agree that they like time alone now and again, I’ve found surprising positive benefits to taking the 48 hour (and even 24 hour if that’s all you can swing) mommy vacation. I’m feeling content, refreshed and inspired. More women are trying to juggle a career, relationships, a family, a household, friendships, and other activities outside the home. And they are trying to do it all at once. It’s no surprise, then, that many women (especially moms) are not making themselves a priority in their own lives.These days, I am everyone’s everything. There never seems to be a second where someone or something doesn’t need me.The thing I’m realising is that if you’re trying to find time, it will never happen. You have to make time.

One of the most important instructions in the safety speech on a plane,  is that if the oxygen masks fall from the overhead compartment, you have to put it over your face first before putting a mask over your child’s face. The purpose for that instruction is because you can’t help your child if you haven’t filled up your lungs with life-giving oxygen first. The same is true in motherhood. The more you fill up your personal fulfilment tank, the more you are able to pour into your children. Regularly taking time for yourself helps you to be a better mom and a better person. Happy wife, Happy family……. that is one of my personal mantras. If your cup is empty, how can you possibly expect yourself to fill other people’s cups?

Love B