The one thing I love about my entrepreneurial journey is that I’m continuously learning new things about the digital space. What if I told you that anyone could make money online? 

I feel like there’s a secret world somewhere out there that they’ve been hiding from us, and I’m on to them. The beauty about online businesses is that they are infinitely scalable. You don’t have to worry about logistics, startup costs are low and you can make money while you sleep. It doesn’t get better than that. Here are some tips on how you can start making money online.

Online Shop

Before you run away, you don’t have to make or create your own products for an online shop. You could simply sell other people’s products. And how do you make money, you ask? Well, you get paid commission for each sale. And you won’t have to handle any inventory because your supplier will take care of that for you.

Digital products

Did you know that you can start an online store without selling physical products? Yep, you heard right. So let’s say you work in HR—you could sell CV templates online. Or, if you’re an attorney, you could sell contracts online. So you are monetising your knowledge and expertise. If you’re a nutritionist, you could sell digital meal plans or recipes. I love this approach because you have low overheads and you don’t have to worry about inventory.

Digital Courses

Everybody is good at something. If you’re a photographer, you could run online photography courses, or if you’re florist, you could launch a floral arrangement course. Guys, there’s not much to it. It’s all about monetising your knowledge.

Membership Site

If you’re a mom blogger, for example, you could turn your blog into a membership site. So if you run a membership site, your members pay a certain monthly fee to get on board. Then you will have to be creative about how you add value to keep them on board. You could offer them discounted prices for your events, free digital products and more. You have to be creative to keep your members interested.

We need to start thinking out of the box if we want to make money online. Although I must highlight that this is not an overnight process, you will need to put in the work to make this a success.