There’s a huge misconception that you need to have at least 10 000 followers before you can start working with brands, but that’s not the case! I started working with brands before I hit the 10k mark, and I’ve seen plenty of other influencers do the same.

In this blog post, I share tips on how to work with brands if you have less than 10k followers.

Focus on what makes you unique

The industry is saturated. However, there’s never been a better time to be an influencer. The best way to separate yourself from the rest is by focusing on what makes you unique. You are not like everyone else, and you should never portray yourself that way. 

Talk about brands that you love

Start talking about the brands that you love on your social media pages. That way, you will be demonstrating your authentic and organic support for the brand. This will also help your audience get comfortable with you talking about brands. Tag the brands in your post — they’ll probably repost it because you’re creating brand awareness on their behalf, which serves as social proof for them. Thereafter, you can strike up a conversation, find out when their next campaign is, and whether you can come on board.

Reach out to the brands you want to work with

You have two options — you can either wait for brands to reach out to you, or be proactive by reaching out. Yes, brands may reach out to you first, but you want to be the kind of creative who takes action. Tagging brands on Instagram is not enough — you need to take things further. You could be the person that they’re looking for, but they can’t find you. So contact them and let them know that you’re are the perfect fit.

Pitch for them not to them

These are brands receive plenty of emails daily, so you want your email to stand out. Instead of just asking them to include you in their campaigns, put together a full pitch. Demonstrate what you’re going to do for them. Research the brand, find a gap and provide a solution. You could let them know about the kind of content you want to create or which product you want to highlight.

Highlight your best analytics

Brands will ask you for numbers, but you can choose which stats you want to highlight. If you have a solid engagement rate, then focus on that. Highlight your analytics in a way that aligns with their demographics. For example, if you’re approaching a brand whose target market is women, you could mention that you have x amount of followers and x percent of them are women. They want to get in front of people who can buy their products and become loyal customers, and if you have an audience that is in alignment with who they are trying to reach, then you’re in.

Those are some steps that you should follow if you want to start working with brands. The number of followers that you have should not prevent you from being proactive so you can work with brands.




Photography: Unsplash