Last year was a huge learning curve for me. I started pitching brands, and I landed my very first paying gig. I had no idea what I was doing but I knew intuitively that I was ready to work with established brands. I knew what I was worth and I was ready to add value.

In my previous blog post I wrote about the 5 things that you need before pitching brands. Once you’ve adequately fulfilled all those requirements, it is then time to start pitching. But how do you pitch and which brands do you approach? There are many other ways to take your business to the next level, but today I would like to share with you how to successfully pitch brands.

Get straight to the point

Once you know who you need to speak to, drop them an email or even better give them a call. Get straight to the point. They don’t need to know how many cats you have or how long you’ve been married to your high school sweet heart for. Dive into precisely what you genuinely want to do for them.

Prove how you will add value

Prove how you will be useful to their brand. For example, will you give them direct access to a certain demographic that they traditionally don’t enjoy access to? Demostrate why they should work with you.

Showcase your quality content

By now you should have been producing quality content for some time. If not, please go back to the drawing board. Don’t be shy to show off a little, show them some of that premium content that you have put together in the past. If you’re pitching a fashion brand, present what you’ve achieved for another fashion brand before.

Don’t discuss numbers until client shows interest

I made this fundamental mistake when I just started out. I would pitch a brand and would include my rates in the very first email. Big mistake! Firstly, at that stage I didn’t even know whether they were interested in my proposal or budget for similar projects. I could have been underpricing myself and I didn’t even know it. It’s best to send your media card with your first email. A media card typically contains all your blog and social media stats, no rates. Once the prospective client expresses interest in working with you then you can start discussing numbers.

Do your research

This is an extremely vital step! Take time to research your potential client. Who is their target market? What is their mission statement and is it aligned with yours? I sincerely believe it’s always best to approach brands that you love or have used in the past. That way your pitch will seem so much more authentic. Trust me everybody passionately loves their brand, and if they find out you love it too you will definitely capture their attention.

It is clear that you need to do your homework before you start approaching brands. There are no winning formulae, but if you genuinely commit to carefully following these essential steps you will undoubtedly increase your chances to succeed. Have you ever pitched any brands and how did it go?


PHOTOGRAPHER: Elsie B Photography