I fondly remember when I got my very first email from a brand that wanted to work with me. Aaah man I can’t even describe the feeling, to say I was thrilled would be a gross understatement. All my hard work was finally starting to pay off!

If you’ve been active on social media for a while, but you’ve never been approached by a brand then it’s safe to say it’s time to switch things up. There’s a lot of people out there that are fiercely fighting for brands’ attention, you need to make sure you stand out. Today I would like to share with how to get brands to notice you.

Content Content Content

Whoever said content is King wasn’t playing. You’re probably uploading content once in a while, whether it’s on your blog or social media platforms. But I want you to do one thing for me. Look at the blogs or social media pages of the influencers or bloggers that you look up to. Are you posting as often as them? How’s the quality of your content compared to theirs? And by quality, I’m referring to the quality of your copy and images. Here’s the thing, brands will first look at your content before they decide whether they genuinely want to work with you or not. Your content is pretty much your CV. So make sure your CV will attract brands instead of repelling them.

Edit your bio

Let’s look at your social media bio. I’ve dived into this subject in the past but I feel like we can sometimes underestimate the power of a well thought out bio. Your bio is like your business card. You need to be clear about who you are, what you do, who you do it for and there must be a call to action. It’s either you direct your audience to your blog, website or a freebie that you’ve created.

Network with brands

Once you’ve progressively improved the quality of your content, it’s time to network. I always say it is best to start networking with the brands you love. Once you’ve decided on the brands you would sincerely love to work with start creating content for them. I’m not saying you should have a full-on production. But let’s say you love a certain clothing brand, then start tagging them when you’re wearing their clothes. But please make sure that you’re uploading content of the highest quality so you stand out.

Unless you’re a celebrity or rather a public figure, you will have to put in some work before brands start noticing you. More importantly, you have to be intentional about everything you do. What have you done to get brands to notice you? Share in the comments below.

Love B


Photography: Elsie B