It’s Monday morning and I still haven’t even written down the headline for my next blog post. Life gets busy and I promise that I’ll write it in the evening just in time to post the following morning. In the evening I’m too exhausted and once again I promise myself to do it the following morning, which of course doesn’t happen. Consequently, another week goes by without me uploading any new content on my blog. Sounds familiar?

Pick a lane, commit to it and follow through. Consistency is one of the most significant factors of success. That is one of the reasons why we all can’t be successful, consistency is tough. But when it comes to growing your brand you have to find a way to make it work. I’ve just finished creating 12 blog posts and 1 months’ worth of Instagram captions in one week. Yes, it’s possible. In this blog post I would like to share with you how to create content consistently.


Firstly, you need to allocate 1 hour to come up with blog post topics. Start off by just writing down any topics off the top off your head. Then look through your Instagram or Facebook captions to see which captions did well and expand on those. Have a look at your old blog posts that have the most comments, maybe you could create a series around that topic. Then have a look at what your competitors’ most successful blog posts, now I’m not suggesting that you copy. But based on their most popular blog posts, how can you incorporate similar topics in your blog. This system should help you come up with at least 12 blog post topics in 1 hour.

Batch your work

Once you have your blog post topics, it’s time to start batching. Batching simply means that you dedicate an entire day or week to complete a certain task, depending on your schedule. So for that period you are only performing one task. This is an effortless way to help you focus and limit distractions. At the moment, I dedicate one week in a month to write all my blog posts. I upload two blogs posts a week, so I need to write a minimum of 8 blog posts during my batching week. I genuinely believe this is the only way you can create content consistently. The truth is life happens and sometimes we’re unable to create, that’s why it’s critical to ensure we consistently have content that is ready to go.

Use a Blog Planner

I love pretty stationery, so I most likely have 3 note books in my bedside table. That’s where I used to write my blog post ideas and sometimes I would forget where I’d scribbled them.  That experience has inspired me to create a blog planner. (Click on link to download it for free). I use it to write down all my ideas, track my email list and blog growth.

Consistency and success go hand in hand. If you plan and create ahead, you have a better chance of remaining consistent and ultimately achieving success. How do you ensure you remain consistent?

Love B


Photography by Elsie B Photography