I have a complicated relationship with Sundays. By the end of the weekend, I start getting anxious about the upcoming week. I’ve now created a Sunday routine that helps me take charge of the week and empowers me to enter the week with a lot more enthusiasm.

Sunday is undoubtedly the most glorious day of the week. It’s the perfect day to relax and plan for the week ahead. In this blog post, I would like to share with you my own Sunday routine. I hope it inspires you to spend more quality time with yourself and your family.

How I use my Sunday routine to improve my week

How I use my Sunday routine to improve my week

Family Traditions

I love family traditions — they help to keep us connected as a family. We’ve recently started a new ritual and it is quickly becoming my favourite. We spend our mornings at the beach, my husband and I will jog and the kids cycle behind us. We wrap up the morning with a delicious breakfast at one of the restaurants along the beachfront promenade. I love it, for me that is the perfect way to end the week. We get a good workout and a little bit of family time.


I don’t cook on Sundays. My husband, who I think might have been a chef in his past life, is responsible for Sunday dinners. I help him with the cleaning up, with my glass of red wine in one hand. Making a delicious meal on Sunday afternoons is therapeutic for us and an excellent way to bond after a long week.

I don’t do any meal preps because I get my weekly dinners delivered to my door by Harvest Box.

How I use my Sunday routine to improve my week

No work policy

I have a strict no work policy for Sundays. I used to sneak in some work while my husband prepares dinner, but I’ve stopped. Here’s the thing, my husband is away on business quite often so I would rather make the most of the time that we do spend together. It’s all about being intentional. I make sure that I’m productive during the week so I don’t have to work on Sundays.

No appointments

I don’t commit to any lunch dates with friends or any kiddies parties. I don’t like going out on Sundays unless it’s with my family. Sundays are for family, and I try my best to honour that.

How I use my Sunday routine to improve my week

Weekly Planning

One of my favourite Sunday activities is planning the week ahead. I’m a planner. Over the years, I’ve learnt that long to-do lists are overwhelming, and I never want to overload myself. So I now keep them short and realistic. I plan everything — my work goals, personal goals, and household tasks. If it’s not on the list, then it probably won’t get done. I find it’s a really therapeutic approach to supporting a busy lifestyle, and I get so much gratitude when I realise those goals.

That is how I spend my Sundays. I would love to know — what are your favourite things to do on Sundays? Let me know in the comments below.

Have a great week!

Love B


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