The last couple of weeks have helped to put things into perspective for me. This pandemic has made me appreciate life’s simple pleasures. But as “stay-at-home” orders extend, it’s easier to see that things have changed, some irreversibly, and for better and for worse.

Mother’s day is coming up! The day is usually celebrated with spa outings, brunch dates or family get-togethers, but this year is going to be a little different. As much as most things have been canceled, we still deserve to celebrate our special day. 

All I want for Mother’s Day this year is…


At the beginning of the lockdown period, I had this crazy idea that I would spend my days lounging around, binging on my favourite series, and catching up on work. Needless to say, things have been different. I’m buried continuously in piles of laundry, playing teacher during the day and frantically chasing deadlines. Things have been quite hectic, and I know most of you are in the same boat. 

This year, I want to spend my day in bed, watching back to back movies while indulging in my favourite snacks. That’s all. No cleaning, ironing, cooking or preparing snacks for the day. I’m very fortunate because the older kids are relatively independent, but my 5-year-old and I are still joined at the hip. So, I can imagine she will join my all day lounging session, probably with a glass of NESTLÉ NESPRAY FORTIGROW at hand. NESTLÉ NESPRAY FORTIGROW is perfect for kids aged 5-14 years. It not only tastes great but also helps my daughter with cognitive development, healthy immunity and healthy physical growth. She absolutely loves it, and it gives me some relief knowing that she is getting a lot of the nutrients she needs from just one glass.

Connect with my kids and hubby

I’ve been so busy trying to juggle everything and as much as I want some time alone, I feel like I haven’t made enough time to connect with my lockdown crew. At the beginning of the lockdown, our days were filled with family activities, but as time passed by, the activities gradually started to fall away. Partially because I’m always so tired — by the time we finish dinner, I’m ready to flop into bed. So, I want to work on that again — my goal is to create positive memories of what we did during this time to keep ourselves entertained. So perhaps after I’ve binge-watched a movie or two, I’ll dedicate my afternoon to my lockdown crew.

Now that is by my idea of the perfect Mother’s Day. A little bit of self-care and quality time with your loved ones can go a long way. What is your idea of the ideal Mother’s Day?

Love B