We’re spending most of our time at home with our families, and I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve done enough housework to last me a lifetime!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of allocating chores for each child, especially during this time. Giving our children tasks is one way that we can help them learn responsibility and gain essential life skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. Besides, you shouldn’t be doing all the housework by yourself, mama! Here’s a list of age-appropriate chores for kids.

As you view this list, remember that every child matures at a different pace. Adjust this list to what you know about your children’s skills.

Age 2-3

  • Put dirty clothes in the washing basket
  • Clean-up / wipe after messing
  • Tidy up toys
  • Age 4-5
  • Make own bed with parental supervision
  • Help set table
  • Help clear table
  • Tidy up toys
  • Close curtains
  • Clean-up / wipe after messing

Age 6-8

  • Close windows and curtains in the evenings
  • Put away clean dishes
  • Help with meal prep
  • Make own bed without parental supervision
  • Tidy up own bedroom
  • Help set table
  • Help clear table

Age 9-13

  • Learn to cook at least one breakfast and dinner meal
  • Take out the garbage
  • Wash and Dry Dishes
  • Clean own bathroom
  • Clean own room
  • Sweep yard
  • Help set table
  • Help clear table
  • Help with meal prepping
  • Clean the kitchen counters
  • Sweep and mop kitchen
  • Bring in the laundry from the washing line
  • Sweep the yard
  • Help clean the pool

Age 14 Upwards

By this stage, children should be able to do any chore around the house without being reminded and without complaining. They should also be able to cook more than one meal without parental supervision.

Some do’s and don’ts

Praise them when they’ve fulfilled their responsibilities. It’s essential to build positive momentum. You will get complaints, expect that. But be consistent, eventually they will stop complaining and get on with the task at hand. 

Remember this is only a guideline, every parent has different expectations for their children. The major take away here is that our children need age-appropriate chores so that they can grow into responsible adults. Are there any other age-appropriate chores for kids you feel I should have included in the list? Let me know in the comments below.

Love B