Most of us don’t just create blogs for fun. It’s either we intend to monetise our blogs or use them to drive traffic to our business websites. Either way, the intention is to get as many readers as possible so that you can meet your objectives.

Growing your blog traffic is not easy, but there are a few elements that you must have in place if you want to have a successful blog. Here are 8 elements of a successful blog.

Easy Site Navigation

It would help if you made sure that your readers can navigate your website with ease. Your navigation bar should be clear — the last thing you want is for your readers to leave your site because they can’t figure out how to access the information they are looking for. Ask a friend to go through your website, get feedback, and make changes if necessary.

Social sharing buttons

Include social sharing buttons on your blog posts and encourage your readers to share your content. That way, your readers will do your marketing on your behalf.

Simple typography

I know it’s tempting to get creative when it comes to your font, but I highly recommend that you keep things simple. You need to make sure that your font style is easy on the eye.

Mobile-friendly design

Your website needs to have a mobile-friendly design. Most people read blog posts on the go, which means they will read your content on their cell phones. If you’ve ever tried to view a website on your phone that doesn’t have a mobile-friendly design, you will understand why you mustn’t skip this step.

Clear about me page

Did you know that your about me page is probably the most popular page on your blog? This is where you get the opportunity to introduce yourself. You should include who you are, what you do, and don’t forget to add some fun facts.

Social media widgets

Include social media widgets on your website to increase your social media following and save your readers. 

Sign-up form

If you have an online business, you need to have an email list. As much as it’s vital to grow your social media following, the truth is, you don’t own any of your followers on social media. If Instagram crashes tomorrow, for example, how will you reach your audience? With your own email list, you’re still able to reach them regardless of what happens to Instagram. Make sure that you sign up with an email list service provider and include a sign-up form on your website so you can start collecting subscribers.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) determines how easy it is to find your content on Google. Essentially, the improvement of your SEO will lead to higher traffic volumes on your site. Use SEO plugins, such as Yoast for WordPress users, to boost your traffic. If you’re new to blogging, you can also have a look at my 5 essential blogging tools for new bloggers.

Those are some of the elements of a successful blog. Use this as a checklist to see if you have these essentials on your website. Are there any other elements that you can think of?




Photography: Unsplash