Instagram is still the number one social media platform to grow your brand. With over 500 million users a day, it’s essential that you stand out.

Having a beautiful and unique Instagram account can create excellent opportunities for your brand. So how do you stand out among the crowd?  Here are 7 ways to improve your Instagram account.

Stay consistent

It is recommended that you post consistently and regularly so you can keep your audience engaged and interested. Create your posts in advance and schedule them using an Instagram-approved scheduling app. I use Later and Planoly.

Avoid scrambling around for last-minute posts and ideas. Otherwise, you’ll post something that is not a true reflection of the kind of content you can create. Consistency is not just about showing up, but the quality of your work needs to be consistently good.

Create a content calendar

If you want to stay on track and be consistent on social media, you will need to put together a social media calendar. You can use a spreadsheet to plan your content for the month ahead. Make a note of upcoming holidays or any launches.

A content calendar is essentially a breakdown of what you’ll be posting on a specific day for each platform. 


Instagram is a social app, so get social.  Instagram will reward you for being active on their app.  Respond to DM’s and comments on your posts and, most importantly, comment on other people’s posts. If you engage with people, they will do the same. Find other influencers in your niche and engage with them regularly.  

I know that growing your following can be time-consuming. However, you will need to put in the time if you want to see results. Commit to 15-30 minutes of engagement daily, preferably just before and after you post. Responding to comments immediately after posting will boost your engagement on that particular post, and consequently, the algorithm will ensure that more people see your content.

Optimise your bio

Make it clear that you’re open for business. Before brands look through your feed, they will probably read your bio. Use your bio to introduce yourself to brands and new followers.  If you’re a wellness influencer, for example, mention that in your bio. The last thing you want is for brands to scroll through your feed, searching for the information they need.

Improve your photography skills

Here are a few tricks and tips that I’ve learnt over the years.

•          Use as much natural light as possible

•          Shoot either early in the morning or just before sunset. Avoid direct sunlight because it will create harsh shadows. The best time is when the light is softer

•          The sun should always be behind the photographer, and the light needs to hit your face

•          Never shoot on zoom. Move closer. Zooming in will reduce the quality of your image.  Never shoot with a filter. Shoot first and then add a filter if you must

•          Always clean the lens of your camera before you start shooting

Edit your photos

Once you’ve taken your images, editing them is what will make them pop. There are various apps available in the market, such as Lightroom, Tezza and VSCO.  I prefer to use presets because they’re easy to use and help to give my grid a cohesive look.

Plan your grid

I’m not consistent with this, but you will need to plan ahead if you want to create a curated grid.  You can use apps such as Planoly or Later to upload your photos and see them in a grid format.

I use Later and Planoly to plan my grid and to schedule and auto post my images and captions.

If you follow some of these steps, you’ll be well on your way to improving your Instagram account. Do you have any tips on how you’ve improved your account?



Photography by Unsplash