Have you ever wondered what brands look for in influencers?

As an influencer, it’s essential to know what brands look for on your Instagram feed before collaborating with you. If you are an influencer looking to partner with brands, then this blog post is for you. Here’s are 7 things that brands look for in influencers.

Engagement rate 

Believe it or not, brands don’t just look at your follower count on Instagram. Your engagement is the number one metric that brands are focusing on at the moment. The truth is that many influencers fall into the trap of buying fake followers who don’t know who you are and they don’t care about your content. So brands will look at your engagement rate. They check what percentage of your followers like, comment on or share your posts. 

Try to be interactive through your posts by including call-to-actions in your captions to boost your engagement. Ultimately, CTA’s allow you to drive your audience to take action on your posts. Your CTA needs to be clear, concise and easy to execute. Here are some examples:

1.         Tag a friend who…

2.         I need your advice here…

3.         Save this for later

4.         Let me know your favourite tips in the comments

Instagram is a social app, so get social.  Instagram will reward you for being active on their app.  Respond to DM’s and comments on your posts and, most importantly, comment on other people’s posts. If you engage with people, they will do the same. Find other influencers in your niche and engage with them regularly.  

I know that growing your following can be time-consuming. However, you will need to put in the time if you want to see results. Commit to 15-30 minutes of engagement daily, preferably just before and after you post. Responding to comments immediately after posting will boost your engagement on that particular post, and consequently, the algorithm will ensure that more people see your content.


How often are you showing up on Instagram? If you’re publishing new content once a week, how can brands trust you to follow through on a week-long campaign? Consistency is not just about showing up, but you also need to be consistent with the quality of your content. 

Clear branding will give brands an idea of what the paid content will look like if they decide to hire you.

Follower Demographics

Brands pay influencers because they want to gain access to their audience. However, your audience needs to match the audience they want to reach. A brand that manufactures toys will reach out to an influencer that creates content for young moms. It doesn’t make sense for them to reach out to a beauty content creator.

As an influencer, you need to make sure that you work with brands that are a good fit for your audience. The best partnerships are with the brands you already use or similar products. Your interests need to be aligned with the brands you work with. You don’t want to put yourself in a position where you have to adapt your style and values to meet any brand that’s willing to pay you. If you abandon your authenticity so easily, then you won’t have much value in influencer marketing for very long.

Instead, focus on building your influence based on consistent and focused content.

Previous partnerships

Brands will look at your previous partnerships to see what kind of niche you’re in. This kind of content will give them an idea of the kind of content you would create if they were to hire you for their campaign.

Brands also look for exclusive expertise. They will not want to work with you if your page is saturated by too many sponsored posts or there’s no pattern behind what you’re willing to endorse.


Brands prefer to work with the same influencers over the long term, so always put your best foot forward so you can get that repeat business. Be professional in your communication, submit your content on time and fulfill all your deliverables.

Your Bio

Make it clear that you’re open for business. Before brands look through your feed, they will probably read your bio. Use your bio to introduce yourself to brands and new followers.  If you’re a wellness influencer, for example, mention that in your bio. The last thing you want is for brands to scroll through your feed, searching for the information they need.

Media Kit

As an influencer, your media kit is essentially your CV. It gives brands a feel of who you are as a creative, understand what you have to offer and establish whether you’re a good fit to work with on a partnership opportunity.

Although there may be many, those are some of the things brands look for in influencers. Whether you’re an established or budding influencer, you have to keep your Instagram game up to the mark if you want to work with brands.