Words are powerful. How we speak to our children influences the way they view the world and themselves. Words can build kids up, and they can just as easily tear them down.

So, it makes sense that we should talk to them in a manner that makes them feel loved and appreciated. This is why finding positive things to say to your child is essential. Here is a list of 50 positive things to say to your child.

  1. That was very helpful of you
  2. I know you did your best
  3. You are so creative
  4. That’s an excellent question
  5. That’s an excellent idea
  6. I believe in you
  7. You don’t have to be perfect
  8. It’s okay, we all make mistakes
  9. This family would not be the same without you
  10. That was really brave
  11. I’m proud of you
  12. That was a responsible thing to do
  13. You can try again
  14. It’s okay to be scared
  15. It’s okay to be sad
  16. It’s okay to cry
  17. Anything is possible
  18. Please tell me more
  19. I trust you
  20. I hear you
  21. I’m grateful for you 
  22. You are the light
  23. You were born to do great things
  24. You are worthy of all good things
  25. I’m here to listen
  26. I’m here for you
  27. I love being your mom
  28. Your opinion matters
  29. I love spending time with you
  30. I admire you
  31. Seeing you happy makes me happy
  32. You make me laugh
  33. Watching you grow is amazing
  34. Your feelings are valid
  35. I pray for you
  36. You’ve got this
  37. You give the best hugs
  38. I learn so much from you
  39. We’ll figure this out together
  40. That was a great decision
  41. Great choice
  42. Thank you for doing that before I asked
  43. That was so kind of you
  44. You are enough
  45. Well done for working so hard
  46. You are smart
  47. It’s good to be curious
  48. You have such a gentle heart
  49. You matter
  50. I love you unconditionally

We must pay attention to the kind of language we use when we speak to our kids. Try to use these 50 positive things to say to your child every day. What are some of the positive things you love to tell your child? Let me know in the comments below.

Love B


Photography: Elsie B Photography