Even with all this technology, finding ways to stay connected has never been more essential. We’re all so busy—it gets hard to create strong families when everyone is being pulled in different directions.

Over the years, we’ve picked up good habits that keep us connected as a family. We don’t have it all figured out, but I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made. Here are 5 ways to stay connected as a family.

Have at least one meal together

Growing up, we seldom sat down to eat dinner as a family during the week. So it was essential for me to break that pattern when I had my own family. We eat dinner together, at the table, every night.  It’s a sacred time for us because that’s probably the only time of the day that we all sit down in one room. We all share our highs and lows for the day, and we use that time to practice gratitude as a family.

Game night

We try to have game night at least once a week, either on a Friday or Saturday. There’s no better way to bond than having fun together and a little bit of healthy competition. Allow the kids to take the lead by letting them decide which game to play for the evening! 

Device-free zone

We don’t allow any phones or gadgets at the dinner table. If your phone rings, you’re expected to return that call once we’re done with dinner. Dinner time is a sacred time for us, and we feel it’s crucial to limit distractions as much as we can.

One on one time 

Devoting time for each member of the family is vital for me, but it’s certainly not easy. Those moments of one on one time with our loved ones keep our unique relationships with each family member healthy and in tune. I read to my youngest every night, so that’s our special time. Then it’s hubby and I’s turn once our youngest is asleep. The jury’s is still out on my teen and I’s one on one time, but trust me I’m working on it!

Support each other’s interests

My parents hardly ever watched any of my sports games when I was in school because they had to work. The enthusiast in me vowed that I would never miss any of my children’s games. Well, never was clearly a little drastic, now I’m happy with watching most of their games. I usually take my youngest along with me when her brother has a game— that way, she also gets to support him.

Those are the 5 ways we stay connected as a family. Don’t let busy times pull you away from the people that matter. Be intentional about spending quality time with them. How do you stay connected as a family?

Love B

Photography by Elsie B Photography