You’ve done all the hard work — research, decided on a catchy headline, put pen to paper, and promoted your new blog post. Now it’s time to make sure that your reader will read the entire article. In this post, I share 5 ways to make your content easier to read.

It’s the little things that will determine whether your audience reads the content that you publish. In this post, I share 5 ways to make your content easier to read.


If you look at most successful blogs, you’ll notice that most of them have plain white backgrounds. A white background is excellent for visibility and there’s something classic about that level of simplicity. You don’t want your background to distract your readers because that might lead them to exit your site.


Once again, simplicity is key here. Keep your font simple and easy on the eye. Remember, the key is to keep your reader on your website for as long as possible so you can convert them into a long term fan. Please pay attention to the size of your font. You don’t want it to be too small, as this could intimidate your reader.

Paragraph structure

Please make use of short paragraphs to break up your content. You don’t want to put off your reader by making them read long blocks of content. Most people read content while they’re on the go, so you want to make it easy to digest the information. Using short paragraphs improves the readability and comprehension of your content. I usually use one paragraph per section or supporting point.

Consider making use of subheadings for your paragraphs so that your reader can quickly find what they’re looking for. Each subtitle should summarise each section. By using subheadings, you make your content look more presentable and it improves readability. 

Bold or italics

Use the bold feature or italics to highlight a point, to help draw attention to the crucial points in your article.

Make use of visuals

There’s no doubt that the first thing that will catch your attention in an article is the visuals. We are generally visual beings! Images will also help break up your text, which will improve the readability of your article and structure.

Make sure that you credit the source of your image. You don’t want to infringe on copyright laws. 

It is clear that if you want to make it easier to read your content, you need to make use of simple fonts, white background, paragraphs, bold or italics, and visuals. Commit now to implement these small changes so you can take your content to the next level.




Photography: Unsplash