Have you ever wondered which metrics brands consider when they are looking for influencers to work on their campaigns? Is it the number of followers, engagement or the look and feel of your grid?

As much as it may be tempting to only focus on your follower growth and the number of likes that you get for your posts, engagement should your primary focus on Instagram. Your engagement is a good indication of the kind of relationship you have with your audience. The higher your engagement the better your influence. Here are 5 ways to boost your IG engagement.

Post at the right time

If you have a look at you’re your insights on your Instagram page, you are able to see when your audience is mostly engaged. Once you’ve seen precisely which days and times your audience is mostly engaged, then make it a point to post on those days because that’s when you’re most likely to get better engagement.  Make sure that you post when you’re able to engage. Remember, the first 30 minutes after you post are critical. If you get high engagement during that time, then Instagram will ensure that more people get to see your post. That is why it’s critical that you engage during that period.


Instagram is a social app, so get social. Respond to DM’s, respond to comments on your posts and most importantly, comment on other people’s posts. Instagram will reward you for being active on their app. 

Call to action in every post

Try to have a call to action in every single caption that you publish. Your audience is waiting for you to engage with them. Here are some examples that you could use:

  • Click on the link in my bio
  • Tag a friend that needs to see this
  • Give me a high 5 if you agree
  • What are your thoughts?

Use your stories

Here’s the thing, the Instagram algorithm rewards you for being active on their app. So use your stories to share the behind the scenes of your life or business. If you’re like me and you want to maintain a certain aesthetic in your grid, then your stories are the perfect place to show the more “imperfect” content. Your stories are a great way for your audience to get to know you better.

Make use of hashtags

Make use of hashtags that are relevant to your niche and also create your own. Hashtags can help you reach new potential followers while improving your brand awareness.

Those are the 5 ways to boost your IG engagement. Are there any other strategies that have helped you to boost your engagement? Do share in the comments below.




Photography: Unsplash