Confession time. I spend way too much time on my cell phone, especially on social media. Yes, as a digital entrepreneur, my phone is one of my work tools, but that’s still not a legitimate excuse.

I’m on a quest to live a more present, life and I know that cutting down on my screen time is the best place to start. I’m one of those people that consistently have their phone in their hand, and I sometimes use it as a crutch whenever I feel bored. Today, I’m sharing 5 phone habits for a more present life.

Turn off app notifications

I’ve turned off all notifications for my social media apps. That way, I’m not tempted to check my phone continuously. I’ve also muted all my WhatsApp contacts, besides my kids and hubby. Here’s the thing, you don’t have to respond immediately to all your messages. If it’s urgent, they will call you.

No phone after 7 pm

If you call or text me after 7 pm, you’ll only receive a response the following morning. At 7 pm I check my phone one last time, then I put it away for the day. It’s such a freeing experience! It almost feels as if I’m shutting out the rest of the world for the day. Decide on the time that will work for you and stick to it.

No phone next to my bed

Most of us place our phones next to our beds while we sleep. Been there, done that. Oh, and before you tell me you use your phone as an alarm clock, you can buy an actual alarm clock. So I bought myself one, and I now place my phone in my underwear drawer. Don’t ask me why it just seemed like the ideal place. It’s out of reach, so I’m not tempted to start checking messages or scroll through social media when I wake up.

No mindless scrolling

One of the most significant contributors to my screen time is Instagram. Whenever I felt bored, I always find myself mindlessly scrolling through the gram. Not liking or commenting just passively scrolling. I must say I’m still struggling with this, but I’m starting to see progress. I’m now more intentional about how and when I use social media. Ideally, I would like to get to a stage where I dedicate a specific time to post and engage on Instagram. Work in progress!

No cellphones during meals

I don’t use my phone if I’m out on a date with a friend or family member. Cellphones are not allowed at the dinner table at home either. If I desperately need to use my phone, I will first excuse myself.

If you genuinely want to live a more present life, you have to be intentional about how you use your phone. What are you going to do differently to live a more present life?

Love B


Photographer: Elsie B Photography