Remember how everybody was going on about how you need to learn a new skill during quarantine? So instead of boasting about everything that I have achieved, I chose to focus on things that bring me joy. One of them has been trying out new recipes. Are you ready for a quarantine confession? I’m an unofficial baker! Yikes.

I’ve been playing around in the kitchen and it has brought me an insane amount of joy. I’ve never tried out so many new recipes in such a short time, in my life and my family has been joyfully reaping the rewards. So it’s been a win, win situation for everyone. Here are 5 of my favourite quarantine recipes.

Soft buns

These buns live up to their name — they are beautifully soft and delicious. I got this recipe from the ultimate kitchen queen, The Lazy Makoti. Guys, I think it’s essential for me to highlight that I don’t bake —  if it’s not a premix, then you can miss me! So, if I could make these, so can you. Visit The Lazy Makoti’s Instagram page, click on her highlights, and that’s where you’ll find the recipe.

Malva Pudding

So I’ve been on a mission to make a different dessert from scratch every Sunday for the past two weeks. Overambitious, I know! So the first dessert I made was Malva Pudding, it’s a family favourite, so it was a no brainer. I burnt the first batch, but the second one came out perfectly, and of course, I won the mom of the year badge! I got the recipe from another favourite,  Zola Nene. Visit her Instagram page and search for the recipe in the highlights.

Cinnamon buns

This is another recipe by Zola Nene. These cinnamon buns are so deliciously, you’ll want to kick yourself for not making more. Would you believe me if I told you that they came out perfectly the first time? I did a little victory dance when I took the first bite! For the recipe, visit Zola Nene’s Instagram page and look for the recipe in her highlights.

Ice cream

Your girl made Ice cream. Let me say that again, I MADE ICE CREAM — from scratch! I mean, who doesn’t love ice cream. The kids still can’t stop raving about it. For the recipe, visit The Lazy Makoti’s Instagram page and scroll through her highlights for the recipe.

French Toast

I recently discovered the most fantastic cooking show on Netflix, Nadiya’s Time To Eat. The thing that drew me to the show is that it’s hosted by a mom of three, who specialises in quick, easy and delicious meals. Nadiya is all about saving time because no one has time to slave away in the kitchen for hours. I was immediately hooked after I watched the first episode.

The first recipe that I tried out was her French Toast. I know that French Toast is pretty simple to make but think of this as the gourmet version. The holy grail of all French toasts! Trust me, your kids will love it! You can find this recipe on episode 5 of Nadiya’s Time To Eat on Netflix.

Those are my favourite recipes that I’ve learnt during quarantine and they’re here to stay! What are some of your favourites? Let me know in the comments below.

Love B