At the beginning of this year, I decided to make the most of my mornings by waking up earlier. I’m up at 4:30 am, which gives me time to squeeze in self-care and a little bit of work before my tribe wakes up.

The secret to waking up early is having a solid evening routine. Just like we need a good morning routine, we also need an evening routine. An evening routine is essential for moms because it helps to improve your sleep, prepare for the following day, and hopefully get time for mommy self-care. In this blog post, I will share 5 habits to add to your evening routine.

Have an early dinner

If you eat dinner early, then you will be able to digest your food properly. Not only that, but that will also ensure that you have enough time to put the kids to bed and hopefully spend quality time with your partner.

Shut down

The evening can be such a precious time with our kids, partners, or by ourselves. But we can easily end up using that time to scroll through our phones mindlessly.

Every day, at 7 pm, I put my phone away for the day. If you call or text me after 7 pm, you’ll only hear from me the following morning. I chose 7 pm because we usually have dinner and 6:30 pm and I start getting my 4-year-old ready for bed straight after that. So I mustn’t have any unnecessary distractions while I get her ready for bed and read her bedtime story.
Figure out what time will work for you. Whether it’s 6 pm or 8 pm, it doesn’t matter. Just commit!


I’m a planner; knowing exactly what I need to do next gives me comfort. I usually jot down a short to-do list before I go to bed. I don’t make long lists; they are overwhelming and unnecessary. I choose to focus on five tasks that I need to complete the following day. Get out your planner or whatever you prefer and set your daily goals. Planning ahead can help us stay on top of things and fight off mom brain.

Early bedtime for you and the kids

There’s a long list of scientific reasons why kids need to go to bed early, and I won’t get into that right now. My kids go to bed early so mommy can have some much deserved quiet time. It’s as simple as that. Once the kids are in bed, I can read a book, journal, or spend quality time with my husband.

Make sure you’re going to bed on time to get enough sleep. I know that some of you are up at all hours with your little ones but try to get more sleep by not going to bed after midnight. Set a decent bedtime for yourself so you can at least attempt to be in bed for 7-8 hours. I love my sleep, and I need a minimum of 7 hours of sleep to function at my best. So I’m in bed by 9:30 pm, sometimes earlier.

Prepare for the following day

Do whatever you can to prepare for the following day. It’s complicated enough getting yourself and your tiny humans ready to leave the house. The last thing you need is a chaotic morning. Charge your laptop, prepare school lunches, and get the kids to pack everything they’ll need for school.

While an evening routine may seem restrictive, it is the opposite. Routines and rituals save us energy and enable us to live our deepest values daily. How do you wind down in the evenings?