I’ve been blogging for almost two years, but it’s taken me a while to finally find the right blogging tools that have helped me grow my blog.

These are essential tools that I use almost every single day of my life. Although there are plenty of preferred options in the market, every blogger needs to find something that resonates with them. So if you’re a new blogger, or you’re about to start blogging, this blog post is for you.

Disclaimer:  This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.


I’m starting with Convertkit because this app has completely changed the game for me. Convertkit is an email marketing provider. Primarily this tool will help you grow and serve your email list. Now there are plenty of options out there, but the one thing I love about Convertkit is that it’s easy to use, even for the not so tech-savvy individuals like myself. I’ve grown my email list from 100 to 1200 in just three months with Convertkit!

Why do you need an email list

One of my goals at the beginning of this year was to grow my email list. To be honest with you at first I had no idea how I would do it, but I knew that it had to get done. An email list is undoubtedly the lifeline of your online business — which in this case, is your blog. It’s a list of emails and names of people that have signed up to hear more from you. Having an email list remains the fastest way to grow your readership and your bottom line.

An email list lets you:

  • Reach your audience quickly, effectively, and you don’t have to rely on social media algorithms.
  • Share information with people who want to hear from you.
  • Grow an intimate relationship with your audience and get them ready to buy if you plan to launch products at a later stage.


Grammarly is an online Grammar checker, and the basic package is free. It automatically detects grammar, spelling, writing, word choice, and style mistakes in writing. Excellent writing is vital when it comes to executing your blog content strategy.

You can either install the Grammarly browser extension, or you can type directly into the app. I haven’t installed the browser extension as yet. I usually write my posts on Word, then I copy and paste the doc on the Grammarly app. I then make all the necessary corrections suggested by Grammarly. Once that’s done, I copy and paste the article onto WordPress and hit publish.

Creative Market and Canva

Creative Market and Canva are two separate apps, but I have grouped them because they are both excellent design tools.

Creative Market

Creative Market is an online market place that provides design content such as stock images, fonts, templates, and themes created by independent designers from all over the world. You can purchase premade designs on the platform, then customize them to fit your brand.

I’ve used Creative Market to create Facebook ads and design an e-Book. You can also use it to design logos and create other design assets such as rate cards and media cards. It’s simple to use, and you don’t need to have a design background. Creative Market has made it easier for creatives to build their brands at a reasonable price.


Canva is another graphic design tool for creatives, and many of their designs are free! You can use this tool to create logos, presentations, social media quotes, and so much more. Plus, it also doesn’t require you to have a design background. All you have to do is choose a template and customise it to fit your brand. You can also upload your images to use on your designs.

I’ve used Canva to create Pinterest images, media cards, presentations, and even birthday invitations. While most of the designs are completely free, the higher quality images will cost you no more around 1 dollar. They have thousands of templates and layouts available. Even free options have high-quality images.


Yoast is an SEO plugin that helps you optimise your website to perform better in search results. Let’s define SEO and plugins.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. The process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the list appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

Plugin – A plugin is a software add-on that is installed on a program

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get back to Yoast. Yoast’s mission is to make SEO easy for its users. SEO is undoubtedly a complex topic, and Yoast will make sure you cover all your SEO basics, and your posts are optimized.

Firstly, you need to install the plugin. It’s easy to use, and once you’re done with your post, you scroll down to the bottom of your page to see Yoast’s analysis. You then have to fix anything in red and orange. Once you have green ticks on both boxes, you’re ready to hit publish.


Unsplash is the internet’s source of freely usable, high-quality images. You can use these images for your blog and social media. Which means you don’t have to shoot brand new photos all the time. I must highlight that you should maintain a reasonable balance between using your images and stock images. Your brand should be an accurate representation of you.

These blogging tools have generously helped me grow my email list and blog traffic, and most of them are free. What blogging tool do you think will make the most impact in your business right now? Let us know in the comments below.




Featured image by Unsplash


This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.