I used to be one of those who would make excuses about not having enough time to read but once I accepted that I do have the time and just didn’t prioritise reading, everything changed. I fell in love with reading all over again!

I’m a firm believer in reading whatever speaks to me at the time, as opposed to what everyone else is reading. Hence I still haven’t read Becoming by Michelle Obama, simply because it doesn’t speak to me right now. Here are 5 books you should read this winter.

Girl Wash Your Face

Okay, don’t let the title of this book fool you. I remember when I was shooting in Cape Town last year; I carried this book to the shoot location because I was so attached to it. The crew kept making jokes about the title, not knowing that this book would have such a significant impact on my life. Rachel Hollis, a blogger, author and international motivational speaker, shares her journey of how she stopped making excuses that held her back from living the life she had always desired. She helped me recognise that the lies I had come to accept about myself were the keys to growing into a better version of myself.

A New Earth

Oprah said this book changed her life, so I bought it. I know it goes against everything I said earlier in this post, however, this is Oprah that we’re talking about! It took me six months to read A New Earth, at first, I couldn’t get into it. Now I know that I wasn’t ready, I needed more time. A few months later, I tried again, but this time around, I couldn’t put it down. Eckhart Tolle challenges us to live in the present moment, learn how to recognise and manage our egos and how to awaken a new state.

5 Books you should read this winter

You’re Bad Ass

I stumbled across Jen Sincero when I was listening to one of my favourite podcasts. By the end of her interview, I knew that I had to get her book. This self-help book was specially written to help women start believing in their magic and ultimately step into their greatness. If you’re feeling stuck, then this would be an excellent option for you.

A Year of Yes

I don’t know if you remember how popular this book was when it first came out and I don’t know why it took me so long to buy it. I finally bought it last year and I was immediately blown away by Shonda’s writing style! I’ve never come across a book that was written so beautifully. Shonda is a genius! I should have expected that considering she is the creator of  Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder and Scandal! She’s won several Emmy’s for those shows. In the book, Shonda reveals how saying YES changed her life and how it could change yours too!

The 5 am Club

I’m still reading this book. I bought it earlier this year because I believe that waking up early and having a solid morning routine has changed my life. I knew that the book was based on a revolutionary morning routine that has helped Robin Sharma’s clients maximise their productivity and strengthen their mental and physical health. If you’re considering switching up your morning routine, then this book will be an excellent choice.

Those are the books that you will find on my bedside table. I would love to know what you’re reading at the moment and why. Let me know in the comments below.

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