We are well into the new year, and although I don’t subscribe to the “new year, new me” mentality, I still believe the beginning of the year is the perfect time to set new goals.

It has been proven that consistent monitoring of progress towards a certain goal plays a significant role in achieving that goal. Most of us forget to track our success, and as a result, we come to the end of the year feeling as if we haven’t achieved much. It’s essential that you keep track of your success throughout the year. This way, you’ll have several accomplishments you have achieved when it comes to the end of the year. In this blog post, I share 4 ways to track and achieve your goals.


Journaling helps you organise your thoughts, relieve stress, achieve your goals and improve mindfulness. Make time to write down your achievements, daily or weekly. Consider having two separate journals, one for your professional goals and accomplishments and one for your life’s personal goals and achievements.

Create weekly goals

We can easily get overwhelmed by our big goals that seem unattainable, and we want to avoid that. Once you’ve set your goals for the year, work backward from those goals to determine what you must achieve in a month and then every week to achieve those goals. Reflect on your goals at the end of every week as a way to hold yourself accountable. If you haven’t met your goals, try to figure out which obstacles prevented you from meeting them.

Don’t forget to write down your weekly goals at the beginning of the week, as that will make you more likely to follow through.

Get an accountability partner

If you share your goals with someone you trust, you are more likely to meet those goals. So partner up with your work wife, your partner, or a friend and share your goals with them and vice versa. Sharing your goals with someone else allows you to work together, track progress and help each other.  

Time blocking

Allocate time to work on your goals. Time blocking is when you block out a certain amount of time to complete one task. If you approach your days in that way, you are more likely to achieve your goals because you have allocated time to work on them.

Figure out when you are most productive and allocate that time for working on your goals.

Although there are many, these are some of the tactics you can use to track and ultimately achieve your goals. How do you make sure that you achieve your goals? Let me know in the comments below.

Love B

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