I’ve written extensively about how to start your career as an influencer as well as how to pitch potential clients. Now once you start working with brands, it’s important to know how to retain those clients that you worked so hard to get. 90% of the brands that I’ve worked with this year have been repeat business.

Once a client trusts you with their brand it is up to you to make sure that you maintain that relationship by exceeding their expectation. Every single time. In this blog post, I will be sharing with you 4 ways to retain your clients.

Deliver good quality content

I always preach about how content is king. So once you start working with brands you need to level up your game. A simple cell phone selfie won’t do it in this case. If you don’t have a professional camera, you’ll need to hire a photographer. You are getting paid, you will genuinely need to put in the extra effort. Also make sure that you plan your captions in advance. Your captions should never be a hard sell, try to tell a story to increase your engagement.

Deliver on time

Here’s the thing, most brands won’t give you enough time to create your content. It happens all the time, don’t complain about it just deliver. And make sure that you deliver on time because that will set you apart from the rest. Once you’ve executed your campaign, you must submit a social media report. Some brands won’t request it, but you should send it regardless. And when you do send that report, please don’t forget to thank them for the incredible opportunity. Gratitude goes a long way.

Over Deliver

Let’s say you’ve been requested to create 3 Instagram post. Throw in a free Instagram Story if you can, or one additional post.

Respond to emails

Keep the lines of communication open. Respond timeously to emails or messages. Most of the time the person that’s communicating with you has another person that they report to. Which effectively means they could also be receiving pressure from someone else, so try to make their job a little easier.

It’s clear that if you want retain clients you must deliver on time, over-deliver, communicate efficiently and create quality content. By following all these steps you will modestly increase your chances of retaining your clients.

Love B