Writing a new blog post is not a walk in the park. It takes time to figure out what you want to write about, research, come up with the headline and then finally put pen to paper. After all that work, you need to make sure that you get plenty of eyeballs on that hard-earned content.

Social media is an excellent and free marketing funnel to increase your blog traffic. So it’s critical that you create a system that you can use to promote your new content. Here are 4 powerful ways to promote your blog on social media.

Link your blog post in your bio

I’ve previously written about including a call to action in your social media bio. If you have a blog, you should permanently have a link to your blog post in your bio. Your readers shouldn’t struggle to find your blog content, it should be clearly visible.

Create a post for your new blog post

Create a new social media post for all your blog posts, I would go as far as saying create two social media post for your new content. Your readers might miss your post the first time around, so by creating multiple posts you will increase the chances of them seeing your content. When you create your social media posts, make sure you don’t give away too much information. Think of it as a teaser to get your audience excited about your new blog post. 

Share in stories

Did you know that people spend more time watching Instagram stories, than scrolling through the actual grid? That is why it’s critical that you create several Instagram stories for your new blog post. If you have more than 10 000 followers, you can include a direct link to your blog post in your swipe up, that way your readers can easily access your new content.

Use you email list

Although your email list not a social media platform, I have included it here because it is the lifeline of your online business. If you have an online business, which is your blog in this case, then you should have an email list. Create one email to promote your new blog post to your readers. Once again, try not to give away too much information in your email. The objective here is to get your audience to be excited about your blog post.

These are just 4 powerful ways to promote your blog on social media. If you include a link in your bio, create new social media posts and stories for your content and share your blog post with your email subscribers, then you’ll be well on your way to increasing your blog traffic. What are some of the methods you use to share your new blog post on social media? Let me know in the comments below.




Photography: Unsplash