You’ve been creating content for a while on Instagram and possibly on other platforms, and you now feel like you’re ready to start working with brands. But where do you even begin? 

With so many brands in the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. In this blog post, I will share 4 places to find brands that you can work with.

Other influencers

You want to approach brands that believe in influencer marketing, and those are the brands that are already running campaigns with other influencers. Check out other influencers’ accounts and see which brands they are working with. Those are the brands that you need to reach out to. You don’t want to approach brands that don’t believe in influencer marketing — otherwise, you will have to do some convincing, which may be difficult, but certainly not impossible.

At Home

Look around in your home, what are some of your favourite brands that you use every day? Grab a notebook and make a list of all those brands. Those are the brands that you should approach. Brands love it when they know that you’re already using their products, which means your content will be authentic.

Your followers

Have a look at your followers and see if any brands are already following you. Those brands are probably following you because they love your content, so reach out to them and let them know that you’re ready to start working.

Third-party platforms

There are several of these in the market. These online platforms connect you with brands, sort of like an agency. Most of them require you to sign up on their platform, link your social media accounts, and you’re good to go. 

I have a few favourites, one of them is Webfluential. I’ve worked on several campaigns with them, and I believe they’re the best in the game for several reasons. 

  • They pay good rates. There’s nothing worse than working with a brand that’s not willing to pay you what you’re worth. 
  • They pay on time, which is essential if you’re trying to grow a sustainable business. 
  • Finally, they pull their own campaign reports, which means you don’t have to compile your own reports.

Those are 4 places to find brands that you can work with. Brands are looking for someone just like you to collaborate with, so reach out and let them know that you’re the right fit.




Photography: Unsplash