Positive thinking is an incredibly powerful tool. The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life. Saying positive things out loud and hearing yourself saying them is an effective way to program your brain to think positively.

Positive thinking is a skill that we can teach our kids from a young age. By beginning to think positively, we can help our kids to boost their self-esteem and overcome negative thoughts. Positive affirmations are phrases that we repeat to ourselves to provide ourselves with encouragement and motivation. I introduced affirmations to Asante a year ago. I try to get her to say them out loud before we leave for school in the mornings, and her face lights up every time. Here are 30 positive affirmations for kids. Go through the list and choose 3-5 statements for your child to say every day. 

  1. I am enough
  2. I am brave
  3. I am strong
  4. I am kind
  5. I can do it
  6. I can do hard things
  7. I learn from my mistakes
  8. I am loved
  9. I am love
  10. My challenges help me grow
  11. I make good choices
  12. I am beautiful
  13. I am smart
  14. I am the universe
  15. I am amazing
  16. I am a good friend
  17. I am the light
  18. I believe in myself
  19. I can do anything I set my mind to
  20. I love to learn new things
  21. I am trustworthy
  22. I am generous
  23. I am proud of myself
  24. I can do better next time
  25. My best is good enough
  26. I am a product of my decisions
  27. Anything is possible
  28. I am grateful
  29. I am in control of my emotions
  30. Today I will spread positivity

How you can introduce affirmations

I found it easy to introduce affirmations to my 5-year-old — she’s at that age where she’s open to learn and try new things. However, kids are not the same, and sometimes you might need to be more creative with how you introduce this concept.

Here are some options:

  • Print posters and hang them on your fridge
  • Write them on sticky notes and put them on your fridge
  • Write them on a small piece of paper and put them in your child’s lunchbox
  • Write them down on small pieces of paper and keep them in a jar. Get your child to pull one out each day and read it out loud

The beauty of affirmations is that even if you don’t believe the statement you’re saying is true, it can still help you overcome negative thoughts.

Those are 30 positive affirmations for kids. You and your child can include them in your daily routine. What are some of your favourite affirmations? Let me know in the comments below.

Love B


Photography: Elsie B Photography