One of the best ways to connect with your audience is by creating Instagram stories. Instagram users watch more than 250 million stories a day. In fact, the average Instagram user would rather watch stories than scroll through the grid.

Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s talk about what you should be posting in your stories. I have compiled 30 Instagram Story ideas that will give you the confidence that you need to start sharing and getting more eyeballs on your stories

  1. A quick about me video. Take it a step further and save this in your highlights.
  2. Share your favourite quote. Use tools like Canva and Unfold to create beautiful graphics for free
  3. Share the behind the scenes of your life or business
  4. Random monologues
  5. Repost other people’s posts that you think will resonate with your audience
  6. Announce a new blog post/ Youtube video
  7. Share a step by step tutorial
  8. Record a mini-training
  9. Share client’s testimonials
  10. Repost stories where you’ve been tagged
  11. Share a countdown for an upcoming event
  12. Share your morning routine
  13. Share your evening routine
  14. Promote a giveaway or competition
  15. Repost your latest post
  16. Unwrapping a press drop
  17. A time-lapse of you doing something that you love
  18. Support a business
  19. Share other Instagram accounts to follow
  20. A quick recipe
  21. Weekly round-up
  22. Promote an offering
  23. Any announcement
  24. Use the poll feature to ask questions
  25. Highlight older content
  26. Answer frequently asked questions
  27. Promote your newsletter
  28. Share what you’re reading
  29. Share fun facts about yourself
  30. Share your meal

Some final tips 

Instead of posting 10 Instagram stories all at once, rather share one per hour. That way, you will increase your story views. Another way to boost your story views is by including relevant hashtags as well as your location. By tagging your location, you increase local exposure. If you include hashtags, you’ll increase your profile views by reaching new potential followers.

However, you want to camouflage the location tags and hashtags in your stories by changing the colour, so they blend in with your story’s background. Otherwise, your post will look cluttered.

Those are 30 Instagram Story ideas that you can use to grow your account. Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.




Photography: Unsplash