They say if you genuinely want to see change you need to start doing things differently. In other words, if you feel like your days are not productive enough, you need to reevaluate your strategy.

One of the many perks of entrepreneurship is freedom, but with freedom comes a great deal of responsibility. Time is our most valuable asset, we need to use it wisely. For me, the ultimate goal is to spend less time in front of my laptop, and more time with my family. So I’ve had to make a few tweaks to my daily routine to progressively improve my productivity. Today I would like to share with you 3 ways I’ve increased my productivity.

I no longer work in the evenings

I used to wait until everyone was in bed, then I would open my laptop and start working. But then I started realising that I would stay up until 12 am, and I would have absolutely nothing to show for it. And the reason for that was because I was just too tired and as a direct result of that I wasn’t being productive. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a night owl and more productive in the evenings then continue with that.

Get a head start

I’ve started waking up at 4:45 am, so I can write for at least an hour before my family wakes up. Game changer! So I’m able to finish a blog post draft before my day officially starts. But in order for this to work, I need to be in bed between 9:30 and 10 pm. The lesson here is that it’s essential to figure out when you’re most productive, then you need to diligently work around that. I’m clearly a morning person so I tackle my most intense task immediately after I wake up. I normally pick up my daughter from school at 12 pm, which means that’s the end of my working day because I don’t like to work when she’s at home. So that extra hour for me in the morning is gold.

I’ve redesigned my to do lists

My to do lists are shorter. Let’s be honest, long lists can be overwhelming and we can never get through them anyway. I typically start the day by completing the most difficult task and then the rest follows.

There you have it 3 ways I’ve increased my productivity. If you want to be more productive you have to be intentional about how you spend your time. Do you have any productivity hacks? Comment below.

Love B


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