Anyone can start a blog or a business. There are a few key qualities that will determine whether you succeed or not.

Here are 3 keys to becoming a successful blogger or influencer.

Pushing through fear

We all have justified fears, and that’s fine with me. But the one remarkable thing that will set you apart from the rest is your unique ability to push through despite the fear. Even the most successful people worry about things like failure, but they keep moving forward. So I’m not saying you need to overcome your fears but you have to learn to push through. Put yourself out there and figure it out.

It took me an extremely long time to eventually launch my blog. Mainly because I was dealing with my own fears. I was worried I would fail, I thought I didn’t have anything to share, and I was waiting for the perfect moment. Then one day I just decided to start. Sure, initially I had no clue what I was doing but over time I found my way and I got better. Done is better than perfect, just start.


Once you’ve overcome the first hurdle which is starting, the next step is to make sure you follow through. How committed are you to your goals? Are you willing to give up a night out with friends or a Netflix bingeing session to draft your content for the week? If you’ve promised to blog once a week or post on Instagram 4 times a week, are you committed enough to deliver?


A friend of mine spoke in front of a boisterous crowd of 10 000 people this past weekend. She’s one of the most confident people I know but naturally she was nervous. I would also freak out! So when I picked up on the nerves I sent her a message reminding her to ‘Believe in Her Own Magic’. Needless to say, she killed it. Not because she believes she’s the best public speaker, but she knows that her story needs to be heard and she deserved to be on that stage.

You need to be confident you have something to offer and you can add value to other people’s lives. Being a blogger and an influencer is centered around adding value, your audience needs to see you as an expert in your niche. That certainly won’t happen if you’re not confident. Agreed, there will always be someone that’s better than you but you need to learn to stay in your lane, put your head down and create. There is only one you and no one else can ever do what you do the way to do it.

It’s clear that you need to be confident, committed and learn to push through your fears if you want to be a successful blogger or influencer. If you embody all three of these qualities, then you’ll be well on your way to being a successful content creator.

Love B