I recently discovered one of the most powerful podcasts hosted by the incomparable author and leadership expert, Robin Sharma. Now, I’m a massive fan of Robin Sharma and his teachings, but I was completely blown away by the wisdom that he shares on his podcast.

Last week, I came across one episode that I believe will have a considerable impact on the quality of my life. In the episode, Robin encourages his audience to draft a list of their 10 life laws. Now, these are the laws that you are going to live by. In this blog post, I share my 10 life laws for 2021, and I hope to inspire you to do draft your own list.

Commit to doing hard things daily

This is another valuable lesson that I learnt from Robin Sharma. If you want to live a spectacular life, you need to commit to doing hard things every day. Such as working out when you don’t feel like it, or choosing to skip dinner with a friend so you can catch up on your studies, or having those difficult and uncomfortable conversations with a loved one or a colleague.

Wake up at 5am 

I’m sure that if you read my blog posts, you saw this one coming. Waking up early has been a game-changer for me, and that’s why I speak about it all the time. It allows me to start my day with peace and joy, and I can’t imagine a better way to start my day.

Daily prayer and meditation

Meditation, journaling and praying are part of my morning routine. I use this time to clear my mind and reconnect with myself. A few minutes of intentional quiet time has been proven to boost resilience and emotional wellbeing.

Exercise 5 days a week

I work out three times a week at the moment, but I’ve decided to take things up a notch by exercising five times a week. It’s a huge commitment, but I’m up for the challenge. Working out is now a form of therapy for me — it helps me clear my mind and manage my stress.

Journal daily

Journaling helps you to organize your thoughts, relieve stress, achieve your goals and improves mindfulness. Most importantly, journaling helps us to self-reflect. Self-reflection is the best way to discover a greater connection with yourself. It has helped me to learn more about myself by identifying patterns and habits that keep showing up in my life. It’s helped me to find ways to deal with difficult situations instead of letting them consume me for a prolonged amount of time.

Family first

Family over everything. My family comes first, every single time.


I believe that punctuality is a form of respect. Respect for yourself as well as other people’s time. I’ve always tried to be punctual most of the time. However, I have now made a conscious decision to be punctual all the time.

No social media before 8 am

My morning routine is essential, and it’s important for me to limit distractions during that time. And that’s why I choose not to scroll through my phone before 8 am.

Give more than what I take

There’s nothing more rewarding than giving, and I know that I need to work on this and be more intentional. 

No work on weekends

When I first started my entrepreneurial journey, I used to eat, sleep and dream my business, which meant that I worked on weekends. However, I quickly realised that the lack of rest affected my productivity, and more importantly, I was losing out on quality time with my family. Now, I work hard during the week so that I don’t have to play catch up on weekends.

Those are my 10 life laws for 2021, I wrote them down in my journal, and I’ve started reading through them every morning before I start my day.  This helps to sharpen my focus and reconnect with what I want to stand for.  I hope that I have inspired you to put together your list so that you can live the kind of life you’ve always desired.

Love B


Photography: Elsie B Photography