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Digital Girl CEO

3 things I’m focusing on this year

New year, fresh start! I’m so excited about this year! I feel like I’ve been laying the foundation for the past two years, and now it’s time to level up. I couldn’t be happier about the progress I’ve made so far, and I’m ready to take on 2020. Here are 3 things I’m...

Digital Girl CEO

How to plan your next photoshoot

As an influencer or blogger, photoshoots are part of your job description. You’ll need images for your social media platforms, website or blog. Today, I’m taking the guesswork out of planning your next photoshoot by sharing my top tips on how to show up as your...

Mom Life

5 Ways to stay connected as a family

Even with all this technology, finding ways to stay connected has never been more essential. We’re all so busy—it gets hard to create strong families when everyone is being pulled in different directions. Over the years, we’ve picked up good habits that keep us...


4 ways to stand out on Instagram

The way that the IG algorithm is set up these days— most of your followers don’t even get to see your post. The first 30 minutes after you post is critical, and if you don’t get enough engagement during that time, your post will fall flat, and nobody will see it....

How to get brands to notice you


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